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Temporary roofs can be used in construction, renovations projects, events and industry plants

Catari UMBRA

Catari UMBRA is a state-of-the-art modular temporary roof system engineered to provide unmatched shield against inclement weather conditions.

It places protection at its core, while simultaneously prioritizing the incorporation of lightweight components and easily assembled joints to guarantee a rapid and secure setup process, suitable for any site.

symmetric double pitch roof
Symmetric double-pitch roof 18°

The most popular solution for scaffolding roofs with spans up to 30m.

asymmetric double pitch roof
Asymmetric double-pitch roof 18°

Well-suited to manage the impact of prevailing winds more efficiently.

dome roof
Dome roof

Ideal for hosting events. Spacious and visually striking interior with 23m span.

mono-pitch roof
Mono-pitch roof

For spans up to 16m, applicable when drainage paths needs to be only in one direction.


The UMBRA system allows four different types of roofing installation, with multiple applications, ranging from construction and industrial projects, roof repairs and renovation, shipbuilding to various types of events.


The lightweight aluminium roof components and smart joints work in tandem to reduce labor requirements, streamlining setup and enhancing efficiency.

Components pre-assembled on the ground can be swiftly and accurately installed on the desire location using a crane, saving time and resources.


The inherent corrosion resistance of aluminium makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications, as it does not rust like iron or steel roof systems.

The stiffer joints and lower self-weight significantly enhance the structural performance of Catari UMBRA. This improvement allows for various combinations of spans, wind and snow conditions.

Main Features

self-locking system self-locking system detail
50% quicker to install

Self-locking claws

Decrease assembly times while maintaining an equally stable and rigid structure.
aluminium beams aluminium beams detail
8.5 kg/m2

Aluminium beams

Aluminium components combine for a lighter self-weight per square meter, boosting structural performance.
connection points connection points detail
30m span

User-friendly joints

Rigid joints enable spans up to 30m, accommodating diverse wind and snow conditions according EN16508 standards.

self-locking claws
self-locking claws

Self-locking claws

With a quick-fit self-locking claw, bracing components are installed swift and easily without nuts, bolts or wedges, which minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity. These self-locking claws provide a secure and stiff connection between the Keder beams, reducing the risk of accidents caused by instability or shifting during use.

keder tarpaulin
keder tarpaulin
keder tarpaulin
keder tarpaulin

Keder tarpaulin

Tarpaulins used in the UMBRA system are designed with a Keder cord along their edges. This Keder cord is a flexible rope-like insert made of PVC, which allows the tarpaulin to be securely attached by sliding it onto the track present on the Keder beams. These tarpaulins, certified according EN 13782, are not only practical but also fire retardant, ensuring safety on the job site.

keder beams
keder beams
keder beams

Keder beams

The main beams are equipped with a Keder rail on the top, precisely developed to create a gapless and seamless connection between the fabric and the aluminium bearing structure. This smart design ensures a weather-resistant seal, resulting in a waterproof roof covering, providing optimal protection. To connect the Keder beams, spigots are used, fastened by pins. These pins feature a conic head-end, enhancing their fitting into the holes, resulting in a considerable reduction of assembling times.

Reference applications

catari umbra tarpaulin - dublin - day
lifting catari umbra in dublin by night
lifting catari umbra in dublin by night

Granted Mercantile Hotel, Dublin

Catari UMBRA was installed to offer temporary protection during ongoing renovation work. Spanning across 750m2 and standing at 18 meters tall, Catari's technicians devised a solution that seamlessly integrated with the existing on-site scaffolding. As the site resides in the commercial and tourist hub of Dublin, the roof was pre-assembled at the client's facility before being transported and placed in its designated spot. This approach allowed for a swift installation, completed in just two nights.

  • Project design
  • Provide hands-on training and support
  • Execution planning
catari umbra - croatia
catari umbra - croatia
catari umbra - croatia
catari umbra - croatia

Chapel of the Mother of God Nova Ves, Zagreb

During the renovation and structural reinforcement works, a temporary roof was vital to protect the elegant baroque chapel's interiors from harsh weather. The challenge was installing Catari UMBRA on a narrow 7.5 m span while ensuring the façade scaffold supported demanding winds without straining the chapel's delicate walls.

  • Project design
  • Static calculation
  • Assembly drawings

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