Accessories are most of the times a crucial element onsite. For safety and maintenance purposes, your scaffolding must always use suitable accessories.


To pack or transport Standards, Ledgers, Diagonal braces, Toe boards, etc. this maintenance element offers an hybrid configuration and can be adjusted to fit its purpose.

The basic type is used for wider parts, or can be assembled with a central support to pack or transport Ledgers or Toe boards with 73 cm or 109 cm. The folded organisation assures an optimised space consumption and the maximum safety when 73 cm Ledgers or Toe board have to be displaced.

The Universal Pallet with mesh crate is used to pack or transport Standards, Ledgers or Toe boards with a maximum of 120 cm and all sort of small or unbundled items such as couplers and spigots.

They can be stacked and transported with crane or lift-truck; in the end they can be disassembled to save space.

Catari accessories are designed to fit your Catari scaffolds in a proper way.


A wide range of different couplers provide solutions for the everyday jobs need. Overcome gaps, angles, support on beams, reinforcement of the load bearing and hanging assemblies.

Find a new use to your scaffold elements with the right accessories.


Use the same elements to get more assembly options and go further with your average scaffolding finding the right accessories to make it more profitable.

Add safety related accessories to prevent debris from falling to the ground, join lattice beams and standards in a proper way and tie structures to the wall.

Keep your scaffold workable.


Get replacement parts separately such as wedges, rivets and bolts too keep your scaffold workable and profitable with no major investment.