FL scaffold offers a remarkable simplicity with a reduced number of components and an intuitive assembly, being the ideal choice for façade works up to 30 m height.


FL simplicity is reflected by its small spectrum of pieces and an intuitive assembly, which makes it easy to use and easy to store.

A galvanized steel scaffolding according to EN12810 11 composed by a closed and strong frame built with steel tube of 48mm diameter.


The working area designed for an optimal ergonomics with 2 m headroom and 0,6 m width, ensures the maximum clearance when the scaffold is assembled and the minimum space during its transportation and storage.

Frames, decks and guard-rails can easily be stacked together for a better storage.


FL is vailable upon custom quantities or pre-calculated sets to get you the best match.

Initiation bracket will give you aditional strength to the frame.