The new generation of steel decks

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Different profile heights for an optimised weight

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Groundbreaking durability for the heavyduty work of everyday

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Fits multiple systems

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Ultra light

The lightest certified steel deck of the market


Tailor the L3 decks to fit your current scaffold system

Innovation meets vision


Rock-solid market experience allowed us to develop an innovative and premium steel deck. This new generation of platforms, the L³, aims at creating an improved and safer experience for scaffolders. To achieve this, ground-breaking features were included to the profile resulting in a steel deck that is 10% lighter than the market average and just as strong as any other platform.

The new and optimised stamping pattern, with waling sections, side openings and embossing facing both directions, is the essence of this product.

Plus, the hooks on the end plates got new positions to improve its compatibility with other decks and scaffold brands.

Main Features

Steel deck for scaffolding Light decking for scaffolding with great price

Engineered profiles

Thinner but stiffer body decks
Planks for tube scaffolding Scaffold planks durability

One piece deck

No bolts. No rivets. No rust
Scaffold planks and decks Scaffolding platforms steel

Fits all

Compatible with multiple scaffolding systems

Hot-dipped galvanised

This finishing creates a tough coating that is difficult to damage. Making L3 planks stiffer and long-lasting.

High load capacity

Suitable for heavy duty industrial applications. L3 scaffold planks are certified to bear up to 600 kg/m². Same load class as the previous models.


The end plates are equipped with stabilisers to prevent the planks from lifting and improve walking comfort.

steel deck


Lightweight steel decks are easy and quick to carry and assemble. Reducing the risk of accidents and labour costs.


Scaffold planks represent more than 30% of the scaffolding material costs. Lasting and time efficient decks will represent increasing savings with time.


The waveform on both sides allows these scaffolding planks to be stacked more efficiently, creating compact bundles. Well-organized bundles will take less space in trucks and containers.


Lightweight scaffolding equipment that is just as strong have the best components when erecting scaffolds. Reducing the weight of the walking platforms, results in lower self-weight of scaffold structures.

L3 provides a stable and strong working area. The anti-slip pattern with waling sections gives the user a sense of safety even on high heights.

This means suspended scaffoldings, birdcages and mobile scaffolds will be stronger and steadier.


Hot-dipped galvanization creates a barrier between the steel and the atmosphere.

Covering the whole steel deck with a though coating of molten zinc that is hard to damage, prevents the steel from oxidation and improves the walk boards resistance and life cycle. Making L3 a great working platform for industrial and construction scaffoldings.


L3 steel decks line covers a wide range of scaffolding systems. The position of the hooks makes them usable with different brands. In a long list of widths, lengths and profile heights it is possible to get them for U-type and tubular scaffolding.

You can even request for a L3 specifically suitable for your project. Preview what solutions you can get below.

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Metal scaffold platform
Hot dip galvanisation scaffold decks
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Scaffold walk boards

Designed for heavy works

7 cm profiles

These scaffolding platforms were specially developed to upbear the most demanding challenges in construction and industrial sites.

To match the high load capacity of the 0,73 m - 2,07 m line with 6 cm profiles, the 2,57 m and 3,07 m platforms where reshaped to be able to bear high loads too. These, with 7 cm profiles, can support up to 450 kg/m².

Light metal scaffolding decks
Catari scaffold decks

Budget friendly range

6 cm profiles

In some situations, like in façade works, small amounts of material are kept on the structure or there's a short number of users meaning the load capacity needed is up to 300 kg/m² . To match these needs, 2,57 m and 3,07 m platforms with this load capacity are also available. With 6 cm profiles, this range 10% more economical.

scaffold boards
Use Catari L3 with your reclaimed scaffold board
scaffold boards for sale

User friendly

The ergonomic handling of L³ steel decks ensures that scaffolders can carry and assemble without back pain and other related accidents.

Time efficient equipment and healthier workers mean building scaffolding will be a safer and a quicker task.

Hot dip galvanisation scaffold
Match Catari L3 plank with used scaffold boards
Scaffold walk boards

Enhanced durability

Specially thought for heavy works, L3 steel decks are perfect for different industries and environments. Resistant to the most diverse weather conditions, chemicals, and high loads, using L³ steel decks will resonate on smaller project costs.


Catari L3 are adjustable. By choosing its dimensions and the position of the hooks, you can get it to fit your needs or old scaffolding planks. Adding these customised decks to your stock will simplify your teams work and projects.

scaffold boards decking
scaffold boards for sale near me
Use Catari L3 with other second hand scaffold boards

Multiple matching

L3's can not only be mixed with former Catari steel decks but also with your current scaffolding boards. So, matching used scaffold boards with new ones will not be a problem.

Photos and usability

new scaffold boards


Steel decks, scaffold decking, scaffold planks, scaffold platforms

Many industries need steady and the thoughest multidirectional scaffoldings. With ultra light steel decks like L³'s it is possible to still get a powerful scaffold but in less time.

  • Scaffold system: Catari US®
scaffolding equipment

Façade works

Steel decks, scaffold decking, scaffold planks, scaffold platforms

Façade works require a scaffold that can be assembled both quick and safely. L3 will decrease the time needed to assemble the structure and get you a strong and steady working place.

  • Scaffold system: Catari FA-48®
Download Catari L3 steel decks scaffold planks brochure

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