It's very rewarding to see Moradavaga's "Sunwheel" chosen from among more than 900 entries and nominated in the "Temporary Architecture" category for the BigMat'17 International Architecture Award alongside other 86 high quality projects including work from 6 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates!!! If you like our work you can vote to help it win the Public Choice Award and make "Sunwheel"'s rays shine at the awards ceremony on November the 24th in Florence, Italy!
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"Sunwheel" was a celebratory piece of what we could call "interactive architectural urban scenography" in honor of Porto's popular patron saint. Commissioned by Porto Lazer it is a contemporary take on the traditional "cascata de S. João", which allowed passersby to constantly change the image of the city's main Avenue by rotating the giant golden wheel implanted inside the fountain designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira, and letting it reflect in an ever changing way the surrounding urban landscape with the iconic City Hall building as a dramatic backdrop.
Built with the collaboration of Catari, Radical&positivo and Euphoric Generation.
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Sunwheel, el proyecto del gabinete de arquitectura Moradavaga con participación de Catari Portugal, está nominada en la categoría de Arquitectura Temporal en el BigMat'17 International Architecture Award. Es con entusiasmo que felicitamos a todos los intervinientes y, para reconocer su mérito, podrá votar en la categoría Elección del Público aquí.

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