Case study and project design for the assembly of a scaffold inside a 100 m high chimney of a thermal power plant for maintenance works with local partner Scaffolding Sarl.


The chimney is composed of two cylindrical structures.
Structure 1: from 0,00 m to 18,25 m in height and has a diameter of 11,00 m
Structure 2: from 18,25 m to 101,00 m in height and has a diameter of 3,00 m

Relevant information:

Scaffolding with small mesh, due to the reduced space in the chimney, and considerable height. The base of the chimney contains obstacles, namely resistant walls, which creates restrains defining the mesh that extends to the chimney. Furthermore, the fact that the base contains an opening at one of the sides, at north-west, requires the consideration of the wind action on the scaffold structure.


Use of the multi-directional scaffolding US®, taking advantage of its adaptability to adapt it to the small diameter of the chimney, as well as of its load capacity for great heights. The fact of the central structure of the scaffold being too slender and with few load-bearing standards, has led to an enlargement of its base.
This scaffolding structure comprised access decks instead of staircases along its entire height, since the existing working space was too small to accommodate these last ones. This, however, allowed to have a closed floor in every level, this way providing access to all the chimney surface at once.
The adopted solution provided both structural stability and safety, allowing the maintenance works to be realized without any major constraints.

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