The pandemic scenario, caused by COVID-19, triggered a broad transformation process within the business environment, leading companies to new ways of approaching it, updated working methods and, consequently, a disrupted routine. To understand the main challenges imposed by this event, the implemented measures to overcome them and the perspectives for the near future, we spoke to Catari’s Human Resources team.

How did Catari organised itself to deal with this whole situation?

Catari group operates on a global scale, whether through its multiple branches, customers or supply chain. The close link that Catari has established with all these segments throughout the years proved itself an added value, allowing the company to follow-up the evolution of the pandemic from an early stage, prepare itself for the future and reduce the risk inside the organization.

One of the first implemented measures, even before the state of emergency was declared, was sending home everyone that could work remotely. Besides that, during the first state of emergency, and since that working remotely was not an option for all employees, Catari decided to close the production plant, committing itself to pay all salaries in full.

How was the comeback planed?

The main concern of everyone involved in the preparation of the contingency plan was always the safety and health of every human being that is part of Catari, as well as their families’.

The two weeks shutdown at the Headquarters, where the factory is also located, provided us the time needed to reorganize the work schedules and areas as well as the shared spaces, so that contact chains could be avoided. Whenever possible, remote work was kept.

All the guidelines and preventive measures issued by the health authorities were also strictly followed.

At Catari Chile, for safety matters, the confinement was kept and only the reception of urgent material returns was done. The receipts’ confirmations are sent by e-mail, where a leaflet with the safety rules is attached for people to know the procedures to be followed at Catari Chile facilities. The same is displayed in all warehouses’ entrances. The department of “Prevención de Riesgos” created a handbook with internal procedures for fighting COVID-19, and shared a copy with every employee to improve awareness.

At Catari España, after a long slowdown period, activity seeks to go back to normal. A series of healthcare measures were implemented, allowing personnel to go back to their work places.

These measures, along with the effort and commitment of everyone, have proven themselves effective as to this day there are no confirmed cases of infection in the entire Group.

Laptops were distributed to employees with school-age children.

What can we expect in the future?

Right now, there is yet a lot of uncertainty but we have a positive outlook towards the future and we are maximizing efforts to return to normal as quickly and peacefully as possible.

With all the necessary precautions and adaptations, the factory is already working at a regular pace while the remaining sectors are working towards bringing back day-to-day normality.

As part of Catari social responsibility, laptops were given to employees who have school-age children and do not possess the necessary tools to keep up with online classes. This measure aimed at reducing the impact of COVID-19 on Catari’s employees’ families and providing the youngest with what is nowadays an essential tool for their future.

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