Catari Group’s headquarters received a visit by a retinue from Catari Chile led by Walter Langenegger and composed of the other members of the administration. The visit, which began with a reception by members of the Catari board, Paulo Nery, CEO, and João Lima, CFO, and the regional manager, Bernardo Tavares Nery, CCO, aimed at the strategic planning of operations in Chile and closer relationships between the two bodies, given that new associates accompanied the visiting delegation to meet the facilities and teams at the headquarters.

The importance of Catari Chile as a strengthening of a strong presence in Latin America emphasizes Catari's focus on international projection, currently exporting 85% of its total production in operations among over 40 countries.

With two delegations in Santiago and Los Angeles, a commercial and technical workforce of approximately 40 people and scaffolding parks available in both regions, Catari Chile strengthens a leading position in the local market, where it stands out in construction projects as it does in projects of great industrial complexity, where Catari Chile is already a reference, carrying along the vision of Catari focusing on the differentiation, certification and technical efficiency.

The follow-up of Catari Chile's already consolidated growth is seen as a model route within Catari Group's global expansion strategy.

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