Developing business solutions

Highly qualified commercial and technical staff provide assistance, before the sale and carry on with customer service afterwards to deliver customized solutions for customers according to their requirements, from budget estimates to projects re-adjustments.


Identify que customer’s needs, suggest and monitor the ongoing process of the project.
Consistently work towards the best-valued solution for the project.
Create a power bridge between the customer and Catar′s multiple departments.
Support the customer with technical aspects, including demonstrations and arranging on-site training.
Updated communicational material is provided to keep the news and reminders flowing more efficiently and customers are added Catar′s mailing list for targeted offers and deals.

Sustain the interaction between the customer and Catari resources.


Seek for improvement opportunities
Adapt projects and request for R&D to meet customers needs.
Collect data with extensive feedback information to re-adjust offers.

Developing business models fitted to the costumer's requirements:


Best financial solution under fair terms at a fair price.
Potential buy-back of the costumer's used scaffold.
Feasibility assessments for sale with trade-in of the costumer's current warehouse material.
Possibility of long-term financing, if applicable.

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