Comprehensive management service

Turnkey packages for integrated management services

Catari's products can be found in every major market. Since it was established in 1979, Catari has steadily grown and firmly expanded both its range of products and the geographical area in which we currently provide our services. This extensive background allowed Catari to gather a solid experience on multiple fields that can be combined into a bundle of solutions for multipurpose projects, offering a guarantee of efficiency in the implementation of the scaffold project with minimal intervention on the customer side.

At Catari we will develop tailored solutions to meet your company’s individual requirements. We will provide all necessary engineering designs and projects, develop custom products to fit the project, hire and management of materials, transportation, scheduling and posting assembly teams on site and any other needs from the starting concept up to the last stage of your project - large or small - and all carried out by our own trained teams. These projects might be related not only with construction and industry, but to any field you are interested in acting on.

The comprehensive management services place Catari with total intervention on your scaffolding project from the initial guidelines to business model development.

Catari's technical teams will supervise the ongoing project, ensuring an adequate guidance to the assembly teams and sub-contractors.
Projects are updated in due course to maintain an optimized solution.
Logistics centre displace the required material to be on place at the right time.
Affected employees will receive instruction on the particular types of scaffolds which they are to use. Training should focus on proper erection, handling, use, inspection, and care of the scaffolds. Training must also include the installation of fall protection, guardrails, and the proper use and care of fall arrest equipment.
Team leaders will provide the necessary interaction between engineering, warehouse and scaffolders according to the project specifications.
Supervisors are posted on site to ensure the quality and safety of the overall process.
Customer care and sales teams monitor the relationship with the partner and provide him regular balance sheets and financial statements.

The direct control will keep the project under a more efficient budget controlling and with tighter timescales.

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