Security is a constant concern in every work stage. The planning and monitoring of safety on an event or construction jobsite is a dynamic and complex process that must be monitored in every step of the way.


Crowd control barriers are frequently seen at public events. Visible delimiting line queues, sporting events, parades, demonstrations, festivals and public speech rallies. Event organizers and security personnel use them as part of their crowd management planning.

Lightweight design makes Catari barriers easy to handle and stack after utilisation or for transporting. Crowd barriers lock together by a built in clasp and hook system.


The framework resulting from the publication of Decree-Law No. 155/95 (repealed by Decree-Law No. 273/2003, 29 October), which transposed into national law the EU Directive 92/57/EEC on construction sites or mobile, has created new instruments: the safety plan and Health, the Prior Notice and build technique.

Customize the barriers with your company or event's identity logo on the steel plate available for this purpose.