FA-48® is a frame system to work façades consisting of fitted frames with horizontal (ledgers), diagonal braces and platforms.


FA-48® is built according to European Norm 12810-1, fully complies EEC 76-502-90 Norm and the Harmonization Document HD1000. Manufactured with first quality materials and with a wide range of accessories, assuring needed reliability.

This façade scaffolding was designed thinking about daily basis situations workers face on Construction & Building industry.


Working on the most complex configuration façades, with all security on rehabilitation jobs, buildings and structures maintenance, covering applications and civil construction in general.


Accessories like ledgers, consoles, supporting transoms, external staircases, and mainly a wide range of sizes, allows a confident and safe approach to high level of difficulty mounting projects.


Made of galvanized steel, which gives a high corrosion resistance, increasing significantly its lifetime.