Based on the mosque Hassan II, in Casablanca, and in the Moroccan culture, our stand distances itself due to its charisma and has already been object of media cover. Feel comfortable to go to the top of the minaret’s replicate and take photos.

Day 1: Opening

SIB 2016 kick-off was given on 23rd November. The exhibition will go on until the 27th of this month. The day was highlighted by the presence of the government head-chief, Abdelilah Benkirane, and the Minister of Housing and Mohamed City politics, Nabil Benabdallah.
Organized under the slogan « Vers un cadre bâti durable et harmonieux », the exhibition counts with the participation of 660 exhibitors, 820 brands represented, 45 present countries and 11 activity sectors.

Catari et Scaffolding Sarl, a partnership since 2014, offer to the Morocco’s market na excellence service and commitment through its price and quality value, based on more than 20 yeays of scaffolding experience.

Day 2: Portugal’s Ambassador and AICEP visit

The affluence continues to grow on SIB’s second day. This day was highlighted by the presence of Portugal’s Ambassador, Maria Rita Ferro, and Dr. Rui Cordovil from AICEP in Morocco.
The major number of visitors that comes to see the minaret and take photos, make Catari and Scaffolding’s stand one of the most visited until the present moment.

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